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Treasure your time with him at this age,and interest in the hobby,it sometimes fades all too quickly,god bless and merry christmas!

Mike(^RacerX^) said:
Well,here I sit on Xmas morning at 2:30 am.
My son is 14 now,so this is kind of the first year that I really felt him not into the whole thing little kids are into on Christmas eve.
He already got his stuff yesterday,when my wife took him out shopping.And his other present from me is a big wad of dough for this coming Friday when we take a trip to NJ Nostalgia Hobbies to load up on tjets and supplies.

So at any rate,this is the first year in awhile that the reason I was up was to wrap his gifts.Time marches on I suppose,and sometimes it really sucks when it does.
Instead,Im sitting at my work bench with a huge pile of tjet chassis and parts,and a big birds nest of wire from the arms I am redoing.
And playing with this COOL digital cam that my wife bought me.

Heres a really quick pic I took.STill learning how to use it:

Now I can get back to posting pics again to better explain what the hell I am talking about sometimes.I LOVE posting pics,and this camera is a snap to use and the picture quality is outta sight.

At any rate,to all of you out there on this board thatI go back and forth with throughout the year,have a great holiday season.

And to those of you out there with little kids that will wake you up in an hour or so,soak up every second of it.

It will definetly be some of your fondest memories,and,it doesnt last forever.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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