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Memorial Race

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Hello all, Trax70 will hosting a Memorial race in Honor of Paul Heitz, AUG. 7 and 8. Feel free to download the flyer from the web site or emai me for it. This is a tri-oval concrete track in South Jersey. Thanks JM www.TRAX70.com
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It's a little over a month away till the memorial race, really looking forward to some serious fun!
I will not miss this one ...Paul will be looking dow n on all of us

Steve, What are the chances of getting a open mod class for this one?
Mod Racing

Hello, Va.Racer As long there's 3 or more racers that want to run mod or another class we will run that. Hope this helps. Feel free to email me or visit the web site. Tahnks JM
Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for remebering my Father and having this race. I am planning on coming up to race one last time for some closure. Does anybody know what the turnout is going to be?

Justin Heitz
if there is ANYTHING! i can help you with please tell me
i am glad you are coming up
cant wait to see you again

alan behler
turnout should be good, several guys from upstate NY are comin down....... really lookin forward to seein you again.

Good to hear from you guys. I probably will need help with the setup having not raced there in 10+ years. Alan, I will need to buy some brushes, stock motors and 19T motors. Do you still have the sureshot thing going?
what ever you want i will have for ya
not a problem

What is the setup for the track? I built a hyperdrive pro 2 and an associated.

Mostly likey running hyper 19 Turn ans associated stock
Rocket 4 of us plan on making the trip from ct. Can you send us the setup . Or maybe send it to mike v and he can relay it too us . thanks Kenny
A few more days and we will be racing at Trax70. Can wait for a great day of racing at this facility. The weather so far looks good. The starting time will be around 1pm, if the program runs into the evening we have lights. It's great to run under the lights at this place. So if you can make it come out and play with us on the Fastest Concrete track.If anyone needs more info visit the web site or call me @ 2015386241. Thanks JM
Old timer, if your planning on coming and need a starting setup let me know what class you are planning on running and I'll get you in the ballpark.
Kenny , Email Dave Carpenter ,he is DC 1 and runs that track weekly ..

VA RACER I know that 5-6 guys want to run MODIFIED for this race ....COme on up and have some real 60MPH plus fun

JUSTIN , I am glad to have you coming up it will make the weekend that much more special for me and the rest of the guys your Dad ran with ...I will be down on Thursday Afternoon .....SRM
Hey Miller, You going to be hhome tonight? I need to call you.

Give me a call on the cell phone ...I would call you but I do not have your digits .....Talk to ya SRM
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