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I believe a 1yr single membership for ROAR is $30.00, and extra family members I think are $10.00

For one day races you can get a single day membership, but most nationals are more than one day...so I don't know if that applies or not.

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BullFrog said:
For a nationals it's the full 30.00 for the yearly membership.
yep..... :)

level 4 and level 5 events require full year membership for participation... you could have obtained this by purchasing two single event memberships within the year though.....

membership is always available at the track if you don't already have it lined up... at this point, I recommend waiting to pay for your full year when you arrive at the track to ensure your application and fees are processed in time. The track receives a list of current members a few days before the event but sometimes with the mail system lagging, people sending in their applications a week or two prior dont' make it in time.
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