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Founded in 1989 Megatoys is a maker and distributor of toys that started operations in Los Angeles, California. They continue to operate a local toy store there today. With their corporate offices now located in nearby Commerce. And their own manufacturing factory located in Hong Kong.

In the 1990s, they began distributing a series of (2) pack castings for Maisto called "Mega Masters".

In the mid 1990s, they issued a series using Summer castings called "Mega Movers".

During that same time frame - they also began marketing a series called "Mega Speed" using a different diecast makers product of diecast toys.

Also during the 1990s, they marketed a series of truck castings for Sunnyside Limited at K-Mart locations.

Current diecast products include a 1:18 scale truck pull back friction line, both 1:24 and 1:43 scale RC series, a younger children's line up of battery powered vehicles and numerous 1:64 themed plays sets ranging from 5 castings to 50+ castings with accessories play sets.

Megatoys has no known association with Mega Speed (China).

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Megatoys Home Page
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