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Here it is racers.The 9th annual Race Against Cancer, September 11,12,13th.Friady is open practrice, Saturday is 4 rounds of Points qualifying, Sunday is the Mains.There is extended mains for all classes.Nitro and electric classes welcome.Raffle prizes all weekend long,and 50/50 raffles.The track is located in Sarver PA.The web site is www.mcculloughsrcracing.com or call Doug at 724)816-9407.It is a great race for a great cause.So come on out and help support the race for a cure!

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Like many of you, I've lost family and friends to cancer. My family has
pulled together and we're proud to once again be a platinum level
sponsor of the East Coast RAC. This year my family will donate a NIB
pro level 1/8 kit AND .21 race engine towards the raffle in my father's

I look forward to coming out and seeing everyone during the RAC weekend.

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This was originallly posted on our forum by Biggens:"My count so far for 2wd"

1. Braydon Obremski
2. Shawn Rosenau
3. Brandon Marsh
4. Bob Higgins
5. Chris Wolfson
6. Eric Clark
7. Ron Gershenski
8. Hot Rod
9. James Schlick
10. Paul Sinclair
11. Dan Griffin
12. Scott Cimato
13. Chris Music
14. Wayne Gerber
15. Tito Bufford

That's all I can think of now.post your name if
I missed or forgot on my list. Add Butters to the list and he'll also be announcing all weekend.

This is a stacked field of just Mod 2wd just imagine how it will go for the rest of the Electric classes let alone Nitro...;)
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