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MC Toy is a brand name used May Choeng Ltd. They were founded by the Ngan Family of Hong Kong in 1967.

Previous to the MC Toy name being used as the base designation, castings were distributed as Rainbow Toys (UK) in Britain.

Another British company called Tesco (UK) also distributed MC Toys as a 7 car set called "Mini Champions". These did have the company name on the base as MC Toy. They also appear to be the source of the ideal that MC Toys were only copies of those made by Matchbox as all 7 were also being made by Matchox at the time. Several of these 7 castings were still being made in the mid 2000s. (And can still be found in production today.)

In Belgium, MC Toy cars were also distributed under the brand name of "Mini Sport". Their blister card was designed to be a part of a larger sized 'puzzle type' road layout.

Their functioning light and sound produced models were also sold as Corgi offered products. The MC Toy - light and sound - castings were marketed by Grand Toys in Canada as "Alarm Busters".

In the early 1980s, Straco used MC Toy transformer vehicles in their series line called "Truck-Robots".

In the late 1980s, Edocar used MC Toy made vehicles with Edocar branding used on the base plates.

Around 1990-92, the distribution relationship with Intex Recreation (USA) was coming to an end with May Cheong. As was May Cheong's other business relationship with Zyll Industries. Subsequently; May Cheong transitioned their MC Toy brand to become known as Maisto. While still using their same production factories located in Asia and developing a new in house distribution system for their diecast products.

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