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The credit manager side of me has me checking off the receipts and payments side of things for the show this year. Everything is paid current and things are going fine. I do need to settle up the the catering company for the Dinner at the end of May which works well timing wise so if you have reserved meals, you need to send payment in before May 31st. That is still over a month away for those who need it. If that is a problem please notify me for possible other arrangements but to keep the ball rolling we will stick to May 31st. At that time any unpaid reservations or cancelations will be offered back up to those who missed out.

Mustangs are on the water and Vegas are in production, other castings are in pad print so everything is on or ahead of schedule.

There is no need to post payments received for castings because all reserved orders are paid unless I e-mailed you in private.

Many thanks

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