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Maxwell, Co was based in (Calcutti) Kolkata, India in the 1970s.

Their "Mini Auto Toys" catalogue consists of mostly car models from the 1960s in various scales, with their marketing slogan being "Precision Diecast". The Ashok Trading Company is listed as the catalogue distributor. Additional listings for farm equipment, semi trucks with trailers, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles other bus types, road signs, airplanes and an aircraft carrier.

Many of the car type castings had already been issued by other brands such Corgi, Dinky, or Matchbox. With some models having the base name designation of "Mini Superfast". They did also have their own casting models consistent to vehicles available in India.

Casting paint colors are bright, but often with minimal thickness and coverage. A small colored circle on the end of their card board boxes may or may not coincide to the color of the casting inside. Which, itself, may not have even been the actual casting named or depicted elsewhere on the package. Their packaging information was also only printed in English. Larger diecast where packaged in white boxes with wavy lines on all sides but the end flap(s). Here the casting name is also printed in English.

Their Setra bus model is known to have be modified to represent either a delivery truck or pipe truck, during its production history. With the roof-less modified bus bodies being distributed to the retail market with its sharp metal edges from where the roof was literally - cut off by a hand tool. Other castings with other body defects were also distributed to market. Making quality and safety not relevant to production standards.

As of 2006, it was unknown if they are still producing any of their former castings. Or had added any new diecast models.

Since 2006, packaged examples dating back to the 1970s production era have been found with Mattel and a simple Mattel logo in the wrong color on the packaging. (Visually it does seem to match the Leo India color.)

Today in 2019, at least one reference was found on the WWW that carries a reference to an Ashok Trading Company as still being a marketer of their own line of toy cars.

Known Series Names -

Mini Auto Toys - 1970s; 1:64, 1:43 and 1:36 vehicles

1970s Casting List (Incomplete)

Lincoln sedans
The Saint Volvo P1800
1959 Chevrolet Impala
Greyhound Scenicruiser
London DD Bus
Setra bus
Hindusthan Ambassador (Morris Oxford)
Premier 1100 (Fiat)
Tata-Mercedes Trucks
Mahindra Jeeps
Zetor tractos (Russia)

Sourced references -

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