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In 1979 I tore down my original Mattel Eagle and rebuilt it to make a more accurate representation of the Eagle. I added cages made from leftover sprue from model kits, engine plumbing and I modified the landing gear to be more accurate. I then made a passenger pod, built from scratch. I had to let that model I created go about 8 years later. Recently, looking on e-bay I found the nose cone section and engine tanks at a good price, so I ordered them. About a week later I found a body, missing the doors and most of the other accessories, also at a good price.
These pieces were all I needed to start an ambitious project, recreating that model from 1979 but using the skills and reference material that I did not have at the time to make it great. After getting the parts and doing some quick scale calculations I worked out that an accurate Eagle made from that toy will be 33 inches long, 1/36 scale, I am fudging a little bit and calling it 1/35 scale.
I started this in September and still have a way to go yet:

The only three photos that exist of my original Mattel Eagle:

A comparison of the Mattel Eagle Command Module and the Round 2/MPC 22 inch Eagle Command Module.

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