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Based in the Netherlands since 2013, Matrix was founded by Jaap van Dijk and Mark Asbreuk. Both worked for Replicars and Neo Scale Models before forming Matrix.

They are an in house diecast development brand of Inventist Distribution. They have their high quality resin models made in China by other unspecified manufacturers in 1:18, 1:43 and 1:61 scales using window glazing and photo etched parts that average 100 hand assembled pieces per model.

Current Series

10000 Series European Cars
20000 Series American Cars
30000 Series Economy Cars
40000 Series Exclusive Cars
50000 Series Coachbuilt Cars
Louwman Museum Cars
Race Series
XL 1:18 Series
XXL 1:6 Series

They also serve as the developer, distributor, importer and exporter for other fine model car collector lines.

12 Art fine model cars is another in house development line of 1:12 scale models.

Cult Scale Models are a distributed line of 1:18 scale cars that have attained cult status.

Goldvarg was an 1990s Argentinian founded by Sergio Goldvarg. They were a line of 1:43 scale white metal models known as the Goldvarg Collection The line up was of American Cars from the 1940s and 1950s. Each model was number issued (engraved) on the base plate. Starting in 2017, Matrix began reissuing the Goldvarg Collection with the - 1958 Ford Fairlane, a 1956 Mercury Montclair and the 1961 Ford Country Squire

Great Iconic Models (GMI) are mainly American car models done in 1:43 scale and is another in house model line.

Kess is a new 1:43 line of resin model cars distributed for Benelux (and) Germany. Models include unusual Maserati, Alfa, Fiat, older Cadillac and other brands not often modeled with the Kess model version often being the only production model every known.

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