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Masudaya was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1924. They created mechanical and battery operated toys in the post-war period. They are still in business, making it one of the few survivors of the Japanese toy industry. Masudaya toys are typically identified with the M-T or Modern Toys logo.

In the realm of model cars they are best known for their 1:87 plastic scale kits of 6 vehicles. These kits included a painted metal body and metal axles. All other parts were plastic. It is thought that Playart castings may have also been offered as a Masudaya labeled offering.

They also make tin plate cars with their series of vintage cars called "Old Timers" and an airplane series.

Known Masuday Model Kits (#1 to 6)

Ferrari 512B
Lamborghini Muira
Lamborghini Countach
Maserait Boomerang
Porsche 928
Porsche 930 Turbo

Sourced references -

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