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It was a prize possession of mine, a 27 inch "1/1000" scale brass Enterprise D. I had it since 1994.

In 2005, my car was in need of repair and I made arrangements with a kind gentleman, Noel Fuller, to use the ship as collateral for an $850 loan. The agreement was that I would pay I'm back to get the ship back, or that he would pay me an additional $750 to keep it himself. He is a collector and is even selling a 6 foot built and lit TOS E for $13K right now. He is under junglegym3 on eBay.

Unfortunately, he was robbed. My ship, along with his reproductions of the six foot D and other collectibles were stolen right out of his garage back in 2006. He had trouble settling the value of these things with his insurance. At this point, we haven't settled. But, he acknowledges the debt, and is a stand up man.

If anyone sees my ship, #30 on the plaque, she belongs to me. Please notify me immediately. Thanks! And there is a reward of $800, though due to being on SSDI, I may have to pay it in installments.

David Christy
Tucson, AZ.
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