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The NOOB Singapore Open Buggy 2012 series drew to a close last weekend at the RaceWorks Arena as racers gathered to celebrate the completion of another great season of 1/10 electric buggy racing. This years nationals that started in February and spanned 8 months drew over 50 racers who competed in 6 rounds of racing where the best 4 results counted towards their final standings. In the hotly contested 2WD class, the season began with Mark “BC” Lim, Kum Yew and Tein taking rounds 1, 2 and 3 respectively to keep the title race wide open. However, BC went on to win rounds 4, 5 and 6 with his Tamiya TRF201 to take the overall 2WD title for a third year running with the minimum 4 series points. Finishing a very close second with 8 points was Kum Yew and Tein completed the podium with 12 points.

2WD Results
1. Mark “BC” Lim (Tamiya) – 4pts
2. Kum Yew (Associated) – 8pts
3. Tein (X-Factory) – 12pts
4. Jericho (Associated) – 17pts
5. Adi (X-Factory) – 19pts
6. Png (Yokomo) – 28pts
7. Paul Martin (Losi) – 29pts
8. Soh E-Han (Losi) – 33pts
9. David Ong (Durango) – 33pts
10. Roger Toh (X-Factory) – 36pts

The popular 4WD class began in a similar fashion with 3 different winners for the first 3 rounds. Round 1 went to local onroad ace PY Tang with his Yokomo Bmax4-II, round 2 was won by 2011 4WD champion Tein with his Durango DEX410 and BC took round 3 also with a Durango. The second half of the season saw BC maintain his winning streak to win the remaining 3 races to close out the series and take the 4WD title for 2012 with 4 points. With 9 points, Tein was the first runner up and Danny Png finished 3rd with 19 points.

4WD Results
1. Mark “BC” Lim (Durango) – 4pts
2. Tein (Durango) – 9pts
3. Png (Schumacher) – 19pts
4. Soh E-Han (Associated) – 19pts
5. Pieter Van Zyl (Yokomo) – 19pts
6. Jericho (Durango) – 22pts
7. PY Tang (Yokomo) – 24pts
8. Joakim (Durango) – 26pts
9. David Ong (Durango) – 32pts
10. Frankie (Durango) – 34pts

The NOOB Singapore Open Buggy series, now in its third year, is officially sanctioned by Singapore’s RC governing body – RCMC.

Thanks to Mark Lim for the report.

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