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I saw some Maisto Pro Rodz on the pegs that I had never seen before. There were only 4 of them, they were castings that have been used before, 69 Vette, 67 Mustang and don't remember the other two. What was different was the packaging, they didn't have a picture card included in them, just a blank background maybe with red vertical stripe on the outside edges.

Anybody know what these are?



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Probably the new Pro Rodz release 7.1 I have not seen them yet personally.

From 1 Stop Diecast:

1969 Olds Cutlass 442
1969 Corvette Coupe
1969 Firebird
1967 Chevy ElCamino
1967 Mustang GT
1971 Camaro

I will probably pass as all the cars appear to be older castings.
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