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Magic was based in Carrollton, Texas (a North DFW area city) and offered various "Fast Wheel" labeled diecasts from 1995 to 2005. "Fast Wheel" has a probable connection to High Speed. In the mid 2000s, Kidmark was also offereing a series called "Fast Wheel".

The have also marketed Welly castings as (2) and (3) pack offereings and as the "City Team" gift sets.

Their labeled "4x4 Outlaw Truck" series castings were previouslay offered by Faie and Hartin.

In 2004, Magic began to use their own "Kidmagic" brand name label. Marketing the "Indy Racer Super Wheels" line up of generic open wheel race cars in assorted colors.

There is also an unspecified association with "Excite".

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