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Here are a couple different versions of the "Last of the V-8 Interceptors", the Australian Ford Falcon XB...

The Mad Max version is from Greenlight in 1/18th scale...fairly decent representation of the Mad Max movie Icon...

The Road Warrior Version is from Autoart in 1/18th scale and is a spectacular example of Workmanship, detailed to the tiniest detail...including the Dinki-Di dog food cans, the shrunken head placed where the blue light used to be and the hidden booby-trap on the underneath of the chassis! Love this diecast!

I'm looking for the Nightrider's car next...The 1973 Holden HQ Monaro Pursuit Special
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... it's out there, but expensive...any leads on one for Sale would be most appreciated! The one produced by DDA Ace seems to be the choice one...or the only one? But it's a resin cast and I'd rather have a metal diecast. Y'all's input would be a great help!

Anybody else have any Mad Max Vehicles? From any movie? Let's see 'em!
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