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Märklin was founded by Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin, a master tinsmith, as “Wilhelm Märklin” in 1859. Their main toy products were dolls, kitchen pieces, and similar accessories made for girls.

In 1891, Eugen (?) bought the firm Ludwig Lutz, a firm which at that time produced the finest metal toys, including the first trains. (?)

In the early part of the 20th century, Märklin built metal toys, including miniature stoves that actually worked, steamships with clockwork or real steam power, steam engines, and toy guns.

Along the way they also made a limited number of diecast models.

The Märklin 5500 series was very early offereing. Around 1957, Märklin started moving some of them to the 8000 numbering system. The 8000 series eventually had 28 models with a few variations. Near the end of production some of them overlapped for a few years with the RAK series (1800). And some of the commercial vehicles lasted until 1971.

Their RAC/RAK series was a range of 1:43 scale model cars noted to be well made for the time, with many opening features. These were made in Germany from 1968 to 1975. The name of the series was initially spelled RAC. But, from 1970 onward, the spelling as RAK was used. Märklin reissued a number of the models twice as collector editions in the early 1990s and in 2009. They were also referred to the 1800 Series.

The 100 Years Automobile Daimler Benz 1886-1986 series is made up of (4) racing cars offered in 1986. They came in (4) white presentation boxes or as ia large (4) car gift set. Some (or all) models were also sold at the Mercedes-Benz Museum but in blue boxes.

The Porsche Museum Set is made up of (4) black Porsches with the original metal star pattern speedwheels and hard plastic tires. Included models are - Porsche 907, Porsche 910, Porsche 911T and Porsche 914.

The Minex Baukästen series is made up of construction equiment/vehicles.

Märklin Sprint was a series of slot cars made in 1:32 Scale.

The Märklin 700 series, aka as the R700 Series is a model train line. The Primex series is a range of HO railroading models sold in non-toyshop retailers like super markets. They are noted to be simplified models, with less or no decals, but later issues were identical to their equivalent Marklin models.

Märklin survived two World Wars and flourished into the 21st Century with their digital toy train line.

Around 2010, Märklin filed for bankruptcy protection. And was bought by the Simba Dickie Group in 2013.

Known Castings

BMW 3000
Chevrolet Corvette

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