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Luxury Die Cast "Beast" Presidential Limo?

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I saw these at Big Lots today for $9.00. It says it's 1/43 scale. I've mostly gotten away from 1/43 collecting, but if an interesting subject comes along I'm not above picking it up, especially for a price like that. But to my eye, it looked... big. Maybe it's just me, and I suppose given it's purpose, heritage and the parts that went into it it might be a rather good-size vehicle. I googled a bit while I ate lunch trying to find some size info on the real article but didn't turn anything up in the time I had. Anybody have any thoughts on the matter? It looks nice, wouldn't mind having one, but if it's way out of scale then I'd probably pass on it. Thanks...
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Yeah, I think the 5" of armor, tear gas projectors, biological agent protective seals and trunk-mounted presidential blood bank gets left out of the regular Cadillac options list. Well, thanks for the replies, I think I'll pick one up next payday. They had a huge stack of them, so I think they'll still be there then.

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