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Well, it was noon time, and we were in a mall food court, but nary a scrap of grub on the table. Instead, there was a buffet of die cast!

I was on the road in Rob's neighborhood, and we arranged a quick get together. Hadn't seen each other since Johnny Jam. And Rob had a special gift for me; a custom '69 Impala Red With Flames Zinger!!!! This car is a beautiful piece of work, and will have a special place in the Carnut Johnny Lightning Museum and Bar & Grill 1969 Impala wing (Motto: "She's real fine, my Sixty Nine!")

I'm going to let Rob post pics of this beauty, as he assures me he has some that are first rate!

We spent an hour plus chatting it up and having fun. I could've spent a;; afternoon there, and regret that we forgot to hit the KB in the Mall together.

Thanks Rob! :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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