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After showing it for the first time as a prototype back in February, LRP have finally released the new electric version of their S8-BX buggy, called the S8-BXe Team. Essentially the same front and rear, the main difference is to the central part of the car where the engine has been replaced with a brushless motor and the fuel tank with the battery mount. Due to the design of the S8 BXe, the choice of motor and battery is simple, fitting all common electronic components and depending on your preferences and applications you have the choice, with all ROAR legal motors and LiPo batteries able to be mounted. A conversion kit for LRP S8 BX Premium RTR and S8 BX Team Kit is also available and allows you to easily convert your nitro car, quickly and economically into an electric version.

- VTEC Kamikaze 1/8 Buggy competition tyre
- Cable tunnel under the centre drive shaft for better protection
- No E-clip design
- Aluminium motor mount for all ROAR legal motor sizes
- Perfect weight distribution for best handling
- Small lightweight differential design with extra hardened differential outdrives
- Robust drivetrain with 6 CVD drive shafts 2.2mm front and 2.8mm rear swaybars
- Hard coated 18mm threaded big bore shocks with milled Teflon shock pistons
- 5mm (front) and 4mm (rear) 7075 T6 aluminium tuning shock towers, blue anodized
- Battery tray including splash water protected receiver box
Source: LRP [lrp.cc]

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