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WOW what a great day at the track, if you stayed away because of the rain you sure missed a good one.

The weather gurus actully got it right on the nose with the rain, only about an hour of delay and we got the show on the road.

Drivers meeting and 20 minutes of practice on the newly washed track and we were racing.

In the end it would be Woody Trimble in Limited Sportsman taking the win, with James Adamson hot on his heels. This weekend was a TCR sweep in the other two classes with Scott Harper taking the win in both Super Trucks and the Sportsman 500.

As soon as we get the results straightened out on my flash drive we will get them up on the web site.

Thanks for all those that came and helped out and to Joe Depinto for making the trek up from Florida. See ya at the Fall Nationals Joe!
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