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Something that you don't see listed here, odds are I'll be selling it after this stuff is gone. Please PM me with questions, I'll get back ASAP. Due to work it may be 2 or 3 days before you get a reply, don't get impatient, I travel a lot internationally.
No PayPal, Postal Money orders preferred.
No reasonable offers refused.

MOTOR items:

1 Fantom dyno, no laptop (backup software & a nice carry case)

5 19 turn motors (buy all 5 & get the ProMatch motor box)

1 12 x 2 complete mod motor

1 GM Exterme comm. lathe. Has very fresh diamond bit, has full bearing setup. Very nice machine.

1 mega box of motor building equipment. Arm balancer, shims, capacitors, hundreds of brushes, extra diamond & carbide lathe bits, comm. cutting fluid (4383’s, 315’s, 4499’s, 4455’s, 4301’s, 4380’s, Putnam red, blue, & greens, & more) Niftech hood alignment tools, two timing fixtures, springs, two spring tension gages, brush drill jigs, numerous brush slotters, numerous brush cutters, and lots MORE) You won’t run out of build options with this box!!!!!!

BATTERY items:

2 Competition Electronics Power Pro chargers

1 variable voltage & variable amp power supply. Kikusui 0-35v, 0-12amp Great for charging & breaking in motors, very clean voltage coming out of this machine.

2 battery Xipp Zappers

1 battery trainer system (complete system) 5 System drops ir & increases voltages of packs.

1 battery build fixture / jig

1 Integy Indi plus equalizer tray

1 Trinity Real-time 2 discharge tray

2 equalizer trays

1 30amp light discharger w/MPH switch

1 new MPH 30amp discharge switch

1 box misc. parts for battery building

9 2400’s

2 1700’s

10 3000’s (avg. voltage 1.165)

8 3300’s (avg. voltage 1.175)

3 3300’s NIB (avg. voltage 1.175)


1 3001 Futaba servo

3 3003 Futaba servo (2 are new)

1 148 Futaba servo (new)

1 FP R112JE Futaba receiver

2 Novak purple Cyclone speed controls

1 Novak pit Wizard
1 - 20 of 103 Posts