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Lots of Die cast at the JFF Seattle Toy Show Oct 10th

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Usually Lots of die cast models, Hot Wheels, Corgi, Matchbox and more at the Just for Fun Seattle Toy Show to be held Sunday Oct 10th in North Seattle at the lake City Community Center.
More info at the web site
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Thank you for the information.

I believe I will attend that one. Looks good and its only an hour away. + or - 15 minutes.

Not too sure about the showing any vehicles off but I do want to look.

Richard, have you been to this one before? Is it worth while for use JL collectors? LMK and maybe I'll show up too.
This show is a bit smaller than the puyallup fair ones. Like most shows hit or miss. Sometimes I find nothing and sometimes I load up the trunk and back seat. I will go and a good friend will have a booth of vintage MB.
Hi Gary,

No I haven't been there before. The only ones I normally hit are in the South Sound.

I will mark it on the Calender and make plans for it.

I hope to meet MBTom There also.

More Fun.

Greater Seattle Toy Show Nov 6th 2004
Puyallup Fairgrounds
Vancouver Toy Show

Nov 7th 2004

Croation Cultural Centre

3250 Commercial Drive

Vancouver B.C.

Shelby’s Toy Show

Oct 24th 2004

Airport Sheraton

8235 Airport Way

Portland, OR

Contact: Tracy (503) 235-3728

Puyallup Antique Expo

Nov 12-14th 2004

Puyallup Fairgrounds

Contact: Dennis (360) 978-4741

Harvest of Toys

Jan 15th 2005

Best Western Fife Hotel (YEA!)

Contact: Charlie (253) 863-6211

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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