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i am going to run this ad only to about feb. 16 or so. i am moving and need all this stuff gone please make an offer if it does not sell i will throw most of it away all offers will be considered even if they are not reasonable i could deliver some of the bigger items but i would need the money in advance and make sure it clears and i will charge about .60 cents a mile for travels please make an offer on this stuff need gone or the trash men get it

tmaxx 3.3
grage sale of engines
fly fishing combo 40
fly tying kit used 10
fly tying movies 10
old coins form different countries .50 each
2 ferbies 2.50 both
sport cards like football, baseball, hocky, ect. over 4000 150 for all
paintballs 10
fishing how to books from NAFC each one costed me 20 but sell 2 for 15
hand spring visor prism pda 30
game boy advanced sp 35
state quarter map 5
toy rocket shoots up to 600+ feet 10
science kit 5
TI 82 graphing calculator new is 90.00 sell for 30
nice leather planner 10
nice mp3 video retails over 130.00 asking 90
pt crusier electric car 10
2007 sport illustrated swimsuit calendar
fujifilm big view finder auto 10 cammera
franklin bookman electric bible
2 sharp el-6800 34kb personal planners
a fall pourch scare crow
white desk about 4 by 2 needs paint but not bad
new twin mattress nice
futon with 6 in cussion
white game rocking chair
super mario land 2 for original gameboy
new 100 pack 40 cal blow gun darts
1:16 scale 27.145 MHz radio controled pt cruiser
RCA color pocket lcd tv over 2 in screen
kodak advantix 1600 auto cammera
north america fishing club hat
hunting/fishing wall art
gameboy advanced sp with 1 game
casio illuminator watch
hunting squrille call
state quarter map
4 in 1 electronic hess and checkers
16 in 1 deluxe game set
connect four
imperial crystal chess checkers game
battle ship
whot wants to be a millionaire
uno attack
yahtzee deluxe edition
3d star wars millienium falcoon puzzle
parts computer very slow
all this is for sale please make ANY $$ offer
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