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A couple of years ago, I had some kits in storage while I was assigned to Germany. I faithfully paid the storage fees until it was time to come home and the storage company told me they could not locate my stuff. Because I had not added extra insurance, they only felt obligated to pay me a percentage of what I had lost.

Obviously I did not agree. They had lost the stuff, not me.

I was preparing to sue when I actually found some of my kits at a local model swap meet (I'd written my name inside the boxes). It turns out the storage company had screwed up the paperwork and sold my stuff a year before I returned to the US. They continued to take my money, though.

The person who had bought my stuff (they had no way of knowing that had happened) said they would testify in court when they bought the kits. That plus my receipts and cancelled checks sealed the deal.

The moving company paid the $1,500 they owed.

A good ending to an otherwise sad tale.

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