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I have a VERY tough question that I have been unable to locate an answer to. I need to find somebody who is willing to make me a diecast NPYD Armored Personnel Carrier. You are all familiar with the one that had the tank treds. I saw on this site a member had someone make one including a second one from NYC Corrections. Simply put I MUST have one made for me. I grew up less than 1 mile from where it was stored at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY and often went over and climbed on it (with permission). I understand it will be expensive but I want one irrespective of the cost. Can anyone PLEASE steer me in the direction of the person who you might think can do a version of this rig. I would even consider buying both an NYPD and a Corrections one as well. I am a NYC Subway Conductor and have wanted this particular APC/ERV model for years. I can also be emailed directly at [email protected]

Thanks very much for all your help.

Thank you,

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