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I am looking to trade for the following :
HW FireWorks Set (El Camino & Boat)
HW 67 Camaro from Oylmpic 3 car set
HW Neo Classic Camaro
HW Black Box 100% white El Camino w/flames
Jada Street Low series 59 El Caminos (all 4 colors)

JL Muscle Cars USA Camaro 69 I think Burg with white top
JL Holiday Classic 69 Camaro Ornament
JL Coca Cola Holiday Ornament 69 Camaro

and any other interesting 67-69 Camaros and 59-72 El Caminos.

I have several WL's and TH's to trade along with other items.

[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts