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Can anyone help me to obtain the screws that hold the ERTL cars in their boxes, please?

I just realised that I have "mislaid" three sets of them!

I went to pack three of my cars back into their boxes only to realise the fixing screws were missing, I was sure I put them in the boxes when I took the cars out to put in my display cabinet.

The cars are all 1/18 scale:

ERTL American Muscle Dukes of Hazard General Lee, item number 32485

ERTL American Muscle '34 Ford Hot Rod from American Graffiti, item number 36604

ERTL American Muscle '32 Ford Deuce Coupe from American Graffiti, item number 32078

I'm not sure if there were any spacers or washers originally as well, but if so, I'll need them too.

Thanks for your help, I'm in the UK
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