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Title probly left a few of you scratchin' your heads right? Well Simply put I've ordered the "Dr. Chanard Cenobite" Vinyl Kit this big Sucker was put out by the now OOP Screamin' Kit Co.in the mid/late 1990's.Okay well I'm getting a Fantastic deal from Scott Kelly of Alternitive Images on The Dr. Chanard and a "London After Midnight" Lon Chaney,The Catch is that these Kits come W/O any parts that are NOT Vinyl (I assure you these ARE NOT RECASTS IN ANY WAY!!) So The Doctor Chanard comes W/O the "Snake Like" Appendages that are coming from his hands. I hoped one of you might have a Picture or the Instructions you could Send me a Scan of just so I can see what I'm gonna need to Scratch Build. Hey Thank's Guys I hope My request is Understandable(I know I have Tendency to Rammble lol

BTW I've Looked ALL OVER THE www. But no easy to see Pics! Avail.

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