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Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2007 5:56 pm Post subject: Small Vacuum Form work needed



We are looking for someone to Vacuum Form a on going item or items for our company.

This is probably more suited to a hobbiest because of the quantities.

We need to produce a item that is about 7in x 7in by 1.5in thick

The form which we can supply if need can be made simply from a few pieces of wood.

Quantities would be 5-10 to start and possible 1000 per year.

We are looking for a rigid material similar to the thin plastic you might find on the front of a compter.

If there is anyone interested in this kind of work, I can forward drawings and contact by phone with further information.

Once the relationship is established there is a good possibility of multiple items in similar quantities.


Mark Pinkerton
[email protected]
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