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I am currently looking for a replacement resin for Alumilites 7 minute slow set resin. has anyone used their resin and have found a good replacement for it? I am still currently looking.

So far I have tried Polytek's 1510 and 1512x, both being too brittle.

I can't find the complete spec's on the 7 minute slow other than what i set off in an e-mail a few weeks back.

mixed viscosity 170
shore hardness D 74
Tensile strength 5,400

I need a working time of at least 5 minutes as sometimes i have up to 15 small molds in one tank.

I can't post cure, pre-heat or bake the resin. I can pressurize up to 50 psi with no problems (ya I know anything over 32psi is fine).

it also has to cure withon 4 hours (maybe 5).

now some of the parts i do are very fine (some have a id of no more than .050 dia). I do items such as small ladders for truck kits i produce that are no heavier than if you took a piece of 3 x 5" card stock, cut it into a stripp of 1/16 x 3/8" folded it into a "U" shape and added a small stip across the middle as a step. those kinds of parts can not be made of a brittle material as it woun't make it out of the mold without breaking up.

if anyone for some of the bigger casters can drop some great suggestions, it would be a god send.

if you give me resin types, please give me the manufactire as well (their web site would be a bonus if you have it on hand).

if i can't find a good replacement, I'll be stoping a few of the kits I have now due to some of their small pieces as well as some future kits.
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