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Looking at buying a collection....need advise

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I'm going to look at a collection of about 250 cars this weekend. I think they're '70's Super Fast or older Lesneys. Not sure which at the moment. I was told that most are in excellent condition and it also comes with 7 cases. He wants $500 for the lot.

This would be the first time I've considered buying a whole collection at once. I'm looking to add a few to my collection but will be reselling most on The Toy Peddler. Is $2 ea to much if you're going to resell? Right now I'm thinking no if they're all Older Lesney's in good condition and it's to much for SF.

So, any advise for a newb at buying collections? Anybody have experiences that they could share? Or, lessons learned? This is something I've wanted to try doing for a while. Any help would be appreciated.
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Rule of retail is doubling your money. $4 each on average sounds reasonable if they are in good condition. Some will most likely sell for more, others you quite possibly won't be able to give away. Another thing to consider is how long it will take to sell them all. Good luck if you decide to buy :thumbsup:
Some will most likely sell for more, others you quite possibly won't be able to give away. Another thing to consider is how long it will take to sell them all.
Very true--some could sit around for weeks or months before they're sold. If the collection is that large, and you ultimately want less than 10 percent of it, you're probably best off trying to find at least a couple-few buyers for the other 90-plus percent before you pick up the collection.
I think $500 for 250 cars is awesome if they are in execellent condition. Some of these cars may sell for $20 each or more depending on which models they are. :thumbsup:
difficult to give you accurate assessment without knowing exactly what is being offered. Lesney items (LOOSE) can go anywhere from 10-100 depending upon the model and condition. Also some have accessories that add to the value. $2.00 per car is a pretty good deal especially if you live local and can pick it up rather than paying for shipping.
Hey squimb1
So your buying 250 cars for $500
Simple math= $2 dollars a car
Average starting price for a '70's Super Fast or older Lesney's is around $6.00 and just goes up from there.
Just for example- http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIGHT-62B-M...71767?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item25707a9557

Oh and if there are any cougar in the mix I am interested.
Thanks for all your replies. I got in touch with the guy and I'm going over to look at the collection tomorrow He said they are all Super Fast and most are in really good condition. I guess he was a collector a number of years back. He looked a selling them on eBay but didn't like the fees.

I'll post my findings tomorrow.
Two bucks a throw sounds pretty good to me.

Good luck.Be sure to let us know how you make out.

Unless they are really very early superfast and you don't want to keep a large number I would probably pass. Especially if this is a money making proposition instead of a add to your collection proposition. Selling 200 loose sf for a few dollars each is a lot of work for $100. Just my opinion.
I'm more in agreement with MBTom.
Mostly just the transitionals and variations there-in are'nt really worth much more than a couple bucks, but I supose as time goes on the post-transitionals are being collected....not by me though!

Good luck, and let us know what happens! :thumbsup:
Its not easy to shift Superfast made after 1972 unless they are in rare colours when not boxed as so many were made and so many survive.However you will get your $500 back from selling just 5 cars fast if the collection contains a white SF #8 Mustang plus another in tomato with red seats, a purple ´65 Pontiac GP, a metallic blue SF #53 Zodiac and a metallic blue #46 Mercedes 300SE
Ok, So I decided to buy the collection. He had some extras (newer stuff 80's-90's) he found that were added to the deal. I ended up paying just over $1 ea for them. I would say 1/2 are NM, 1/4 are rough or beaters and the rest are VG+. Plus 7 cases, 2 No name 48 car and 5 Matchbox. I'll be keeping a couple for my collection and selling the rest. Now I need to do some sorting and price research.

Pics - The last 4 pics (in the next post) are the "extras" that were thrown in.

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Wow that's a pretty big haul. There seems to enough stuff in there in good enough condition to have made your purchase worth while. If selling on eBay with a bit of effort and some patience you will finish in front. :thumbsup:
The #66 Greyhound appears to have reg wheels, and the #27 Benz...is that an SF???
You got the transitional #5 Mustang, that's cool.
And I can't quite tell if the Porsche 910 is the earlier darker shade with thin wheels or the later lighter shade with wide wheels.
Going to be hard work getting your outlay back on that lot unless you come across what some others have suggested.Sorting and selling via the bay will be time consuming but I wish you the best of luck.I myself would have carefully invested the $$ in some mint boxed older items and made an immediate profit.
My god. Those king sized MB cars. I have yet to find mint conditoned ones..
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They are FS. I've already listed them on TTP in the other MB cat. If you don't like my prices feel free to make offers. :wave:

My listings
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