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Prices are getting seriously out of hand on vintage cars. Must be nice to have money. I wonder how nervous you would be if you actually were to drive it. I guess at this point you aren't too interested in driving it if you can afford it. Just like owning a 1:1 JL car I guess, but with a working engine.

pms485 said:
One thing's for sure he's SERIOUS. When taking pictures of the car, he continuously moved the car to get different angles rather than just walking around the car. :lol:

Well, I was going to bid on it, but since you pointed that out...all that unnecessary starting and shutting down, hard on the engine and all that tight manuevering - hard on the tires and suspension

Nope, gonna have to pass on it now.

Thanks, Mike, you saved me a couple bucks... good thing I won the Prototype Gold Series Cuda!!! :hat:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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