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1 - 2001 Tour Munster's Koach - Signed by George Barris (and Mac Ragan, I believe)

Was looking at this item for a couple reasons - My fav custom car (?) and George has been a true hero of mine for years, HOWEVER, and this is not meant as a bash in any way, HOWEVER (once again), is the Mac notation a joke??

I am hoping so as I wanted to watch that auction at FEST and really do not understand - if that is not the case - why would he have signed this car??

Please verify.......

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It is signed by George Barris and Brian, our former moderator who worked for Playing Mantis.

I saw an additoinal gold signature and thought perhaps it said "JL Sends His Best" (one of Mac's autographs, I enjoy) and so thought it was Mac.

Midtown has corrected me that it is Brian who signed in gold ink at the top

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