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LL banked 9" curves? And unmarked LL set cars?

Every time a noob comes in and asks about good track to get started in the hobby, it's stated that LifeLike is very limited in their variety of track sections, and the only curves they have are a flat 9" and a banked 12". It's true that they are very limited, but I just learned today that they also have a 9" banked curve... anyone seen that before?

I just got this set:

It comes with 4 9-inch banked curve sections. Never knew that existed in LL track.

Something I thought was funny was that on the box art, all the sponsors' names are diddled with.

MAD Tools
Aute Moter

Hahahaha. Fun stuff.

While we're talking LifeLike, what set did these undecorated cars come in? There's a white Taurus and a silver Monte Carlo. I got them in a Marchon set (which, by the way, did NOT have the Marchon cars in it).

I may just need to get that LifeLike book...


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Both responses above are correct.

I thought the 9" banked curve only came in the Disney set, but I guess you found at least one other set which contains this piece. However, sets are the only way you can get them, so they are not a readily available (sold individually) piece that a Lifelike owner can acquire. So for all intents and purposes, if you are putting a Lifelike track together, assume you cannot find the 9" banked curve. And they do not make a flat 9" 1/8 curve at all.

If you look at their standard four lane set they have been selling for over a decade, the inside curves are flat 9" 1/4 curves and the outside are 12" 1/8 banks. So even on the four lane sets they didn't bank all four lanes.

As mentioned, the cars are from twinpack #9769. The silver Monte is also available as single #9737.


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The biggest deal about those 9" banks is that it's not the same degree of banking as the 12" curves.
The 9 is much more steeply banked than the 12, to the extent that you could not build a four lane banked oval with it.
The flat 9s they have are actually closer to the 12s than the banked 9s are.
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