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LJN Toys Ltd of New York was founded in 1970 with a focus on pop culture TV and film markets by Jack Friedman. Friedam later founded both THQ and Jakks Pacific. The name "LJN" was formed from the initials of Lewis J. Norman, the reverse of Norman J. Lewis, whose toy company had employed Friedman as a sales representative in the 1960s.

Their diecast toys were made in China. And Universal Products is thought to be the factory of origin for their offerings.

Their 1975 series called "Road Stars", had vehicle castings from popular TV series and comic book characters and Super Heros of the era.

Their "Road Rover" series was a group of caricature vehicle designs owned by Hallmark Cards.

In 1978, Universal Products bought an 80% share of LJN. After that purchase, LJN castings could be found distributed as Imperial, Ja-Ru and Larami products made in China.

In 1985, MCA bought LJN and subsequently sold LJN to Acclaim Entertainment in 1990. By 1995, the LJN name was no longer being used.

Sourced references -
The Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers by Sahakangas, Weber and Foster (2006)
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