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Just curious if anyone knows...
I purchased a loose Toy Fair 98 from ebay for around $1.00 and when it arrived it was in this little plastic box. Was a perfect fit. I emailed the seller and he said they were all the rage where he is (Thialand if I remember right). And if I wanted he will pick me up some and mail them to me. They came in 10 packs so I bought 40 real cheap. They are flat and you just pop them open and close the ends. Like I said, perfect fit. Turn them sideways and the funny cars fit nicely with the bodies open. And they also fit perfect in my hutch where I am stacking them. I thought I would never use 40 (not known to open mine) but have only 10 left. And alas... lost his email address. Anyone know of these little plastic boxes? I would like to fill the back of the hutch now. They are the same width as the blister but a little taller, and square of course.
WOW, this post got long.
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