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.............with a slight twist.

Just got this VERY low mileage Camaro from an older lady in the mountains. It was in her barn and had been for over thirty years. It was her late husband's and she said he only drove it on the weekends. It's only got a few thousand miles on it but the interior is gonna need some work. Actually, it's gonna need a whole new one, There is no carpet and only one seat. The paint looks a little rough too. Looks like there may been some stickers of some kind that were pulled off and some lettering or something that was buffed off. It looks a little rough but it goes like blue stink. Had to put some pillows in the seat to test drive it. Miss Wanda said they called her husband "Tiny" but if he was I don't see how he could have reached the pedals.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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