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Linemar Co was a manufacturing and import company for Louis Marx & Co. They are sometimes referred to incorrectly as Line Mar Toys. They are one of the earliest examples of an overseas manufacturing strategy known. Linemar was established specifically for the importation of battery-operated mechanical toys from Japan. Available information indicates Linemar was in business from the 1950s to 1968. when the company was absorbed into Louis Marx & Co.

One of their earliest offerings were the "The Huckleberry Go-Mobile" friction pull back car set. They were made in the 1960s and featured characters like Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, and others, at the wheel of a tin plate go kart. Both the go kart and the packaging are the same for each character. In addition to the friction motor mechanism, the steering wheel also turned! They also produced a diecast based on Disney's 'cars of the future'. This casting also came with ride along characters.

In the 1960s, Linemar produced a line of (8 (?) cars and commercial vehilces called "Elegant Miniatures" in the 1:90 scale range. Cars included both American and European models. The commercial vehicles were primarily construction equipment.

A second range of castings called Collectoys were done in 1:60 scale and made in Japan. This series was also both American and European models with many castings following Hubley's line up of offered vehicles.

A 2nd range under the Collectoys brand name is described only as small plastic vehicles from the 1960s.

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37,949 Posts
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Linemar Casting Lists

Tin Plate/Pressed Steel Vehicles

Delivery Wagon

Huckleberry Go-Mobile

Huckleberry Hound
Quick Draw McGraw
Yogi Bear

Collectoy Series - 19??: 1:60 scale

Wrecker Truck

Collectoy Friction Pull Backs

BMW 507
Buick Coupe

Chevrolet Coupe
Chevrolet Corvette

Ford Coupe
Ford Delivery Van
Ford Edsel

Jaguar XK 150

Lincoln Continental

Mercedes Benze 350 SL

Pontiac Coupe
Porsche 356

Triumph TR3

Elegant Miniatures - 1960s, 1:90 scale

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