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Stock- Any Johnny Lightning casting. (Points Race)
Real Wheels- Any Johnny Lightning casting with rubber tires. (Points Race)
Kids Race- Any Brand name Diecast allowed. (Trophy Race)
Feature Race- Changes each month a member will choose. (Trophy Race)
All out Diecast Race- Any Brand name Diecast allowed. Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox, Tiger Wheels, Greenlight, M2, Jada, Racing Champions, Ertl, Badd Rides, Yat ming, Ect. This will replace the Funny car class. (Points Race)

Some of our Race Rules- No Graphite or oils allowed, After two wins on any car it is Retired. If the car comes off the track there are no do overs.

Any one that wants to send a car to compete is welcome each month. We will send it back to you after the monthly meet. Remember the second sat. of each month we meet. Thanks Jeremy Pres. of the LJLRC
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