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Hello All,
Just wanted to share some pictures of my newest W/Ls .I bought these off of ebay last week from one of our fine board members Kernlwhite (aka Frank).
I couldn't pass it up 35 white lightnings for about $4.60 each such a sweet deal ,all of the cars were in great condition and kernlwhite did a fantastic job of packing and shipping these, just wanted to say THANKS and it was nice to talk to other members that are "really" into our little hobby of collecting little cars .If anyone ever has a chance to trade or buy from kernlwhite I'm sure they wont be disappointed . I was like a kid in a candy store for the first time when I opened up the box 35 new W/Ls to add to the collection. heres a list of the cars and some pics sorry for the long read
Thanks kernlwhite for the great deal on the cars and the list also

1. Ad Rods item# 366-01 2000 dodge ram 2500 white interior- wl on tires
2. Ad Rods item#366-01 2000 silverado white interior- wl on tires
3. Ad Rods item# 366-04 the yellow 1970 road runner white base- wl on tires
4. American Chrome item# 310-04 53 buick super white rims- wl on tires
5. American Chrome item#310-02 55 crysler C-300 white rims- wl on tires
6. Custom Classic Corvette item# 352-01 427 vette white tires- #140 on base
7. Classic Gold item#404-02 70 buick gsx white rims- wl on tires
8. Classic Gold item$ 404-02 69 amx white rims- wl on tires
9. Classic Gold item# 404-02 78 corvette white rims- wl on tires
10. Classic Gold item#404-02 60's volkswagon bus white rims- wl on tires
11. Classic gold item# 404-02 83 monte carloSS white rims- wl on tires
12. Classic Gold item#404-02 69 camaro pro street white rims- wl on tires
13. Clue Series item#155-50 98 camaro white rims- white base
14. GTO Series item# 456-01 67 GTO white base- white interior
15. Classic plastic item#373-02 70 rebel machine white interior-white base
16. GTO Series item# 456-01 64 GTO white base-white interior
17. GTO Series item#456-03 71 GTO 455HO white rims- white base
18. JL Collection item#405-02 1995 caprice white rims-white interior
19. KB Exclusive item#357-01 1969 road-runner white rims-white interior 20. Modern Muscle item# 283-01 2000 monte carlo white rims-white interior
21. Modern Muscle item#283-02 2000 monte carlo white rims-white interior
22. JL Collection item#405-01 2000 F250-supercab white rims-white interior
23. Ad Rods item# 366-04 56 lincoln premeire white base-wl on tires
24. Mopar Muscle item# 237-04 70 sport satelite white base-white interior
25. Mopar or no car item# 239-02 73 charger white rims-white interior
26. Motor Trend item# 292-01 82 camaro Z28 white rims-white interior
27. Muscle USA item# 205-05 62 belair white rims-white base
28. Muscle USA item# 205-05 1965 gto white rims -white base
29. Muscle USA item# 204-03 1968 firebird white rims-white interior
30. Poular Hot Rodding item# 291-08 70 nova white rims-white interior
31. Simpsons Series#1 Marges Wagon white base white interior-white rims
32. Surf Rods item# 294-01 Hang 10 Men white tires-white base
33. Surf Rods item 294-04 Country Line Zulus white rims-white interior
34. Tri Chevy item# 454-01 57 nomad white rims-white interior
35. Willys Gassers item# 364-02 Terry Langdon white rims-white interior

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