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I know this is an old subject and we have talked about it before but I am going to start on two of my kits and I would like to light them up. I also want to buy the lights for the new PL Enterprise when it comes out in Oct. So here goes! I have two kits.
First is the War of the Worlds Martian kit that I picked up from Steve (Cultman). It's looks easy enough to put a large bulb in the center and go with that.
Next is the Cylon Centurion. I want to lite his eye just like it was in the TV series. Red going back and forth. Any ideas on this one? :freak: I've looked into lights and just can't seem to find a light to go back and forth. I also want to add his sound that he made. Any hits on this one? :eek:
And then I've seen lights for the Enterprise. Any recomondation for what to buy for it?

Happy Aurora Trails!
Chinxy! :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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