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LightningFest™ 2004 Information Thread

Vendor Table Information Can Be Found On Post #8

The correct email address for Mark Hosaflook is:
[email protected]

A complete list of attendees confirmed For The Tom Lowe Dinner can be found below on post #10

A Photoshop Image of the Lightning Fest Dinner Car Can be Seen on Post #9

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FEST Custom Contest

Hey Custom folk -

Just in case you have not looked at the set-up for the custom contest this year - check it out. Aside from the regular categories we have added some additional twists this year.

One category in particular REBELious RODS that never were should prove to be an interesting category.

This year we will also have a Display Area for non-entries and to show off some of your additional custom work.

Check out all the details at FEST CUSTOM CONTEST

All of the additional FEST info will be just clicks away from that page!!


Standard Categories:
Junior Mild, Junior Wild
Adult Mild, Adult Wild

Special Prize Categories:
a. Custom Work Truck or Commercial Vehicle (Work Truck and Commercial Vehicle Customs)
b. Fast and Imported (Imports and Foreign Car Customs)
c. REBELious RODS that should have been (Open Hood Exposed Engine Customs)

All class entries must be JL castings.

Wheels may be swapped, but the castings themselves MUST BE JL piece.

Mild classified as wheel swaps, paint and decals.

Wild includes body modifications, extensive paint, etc.

Entry must be done by entrant - no purchased, contracted or traded customs allowed.

One car - One category per entry.

May enter as many cars as you like in as many categories as you like.

All entries must be registered Saturday morning between 10-12noon to be eligible for contest.

Late entries will not be eligible for prize categories - but can be displayed in display area.

Display area available for non-contest pieces, these must also be registered.

Awards presented Sunday morning - after opening.

Entries can be picked up AFTER 12noon on Sunday and MUST be picked up by the entrant.

All entries not picked up by event closing will be come the property of Mini-Motors, Inc.

Questions can be directed to [email protected]

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Gravity Race Rules and Schedule


Downhill Gravity Racing of stock Johnny Lightning diecast cars.(Excluding Vans)

There will be 16 Elimination Rounds of 16 Racers each.

The Finalist from each of the Elimination Rounds, 16 total, will compete in the Championship Round.


The Main Event:
Both the winner and runner up of the Championship Round will be awarded Grand Prizes from my personal collection. This year I'm offering an extremely rare Holiday White Lightning from 1995 and an Original Topper "Mirror Finish" Toronado.

Additionally, you may have a chance to win a Pink Slip Racer (PSR) in each of the Elimination Rounds. There will only be a total of 50 PSR's produced for this years Lightning Fest so this is a very limited collectible. A minimum of Two Pink Slip Racers (PSR's) will be awarded in each of the Elimination Rounds. Each Elimination round will comprise of 15 entrants and one PSR. Prior to each Elimination Round, a drawing will be held to determine the race position of the PSR. One lucky racer in each of the Elimination Rounds will have a chance to race the PSR. If they beat it, they win the PSR complete with Title of Ownership. If the PSR wins, it advances to the next heat and another entrant gets a chance to race it. And, not only does the finalist of each Elimination Round advance to the Championship Round, they also will be awarded PSR complete with Title of Ownership unless they were lucky enough to win one in an earlier elimination round. An alternate prize would be awarded in this instance.


Saturday, September 18th

12:00AM Registration Opens and Elimination Rounds for the Main Event start shortly thereafter.

4:00PM Track Closed for the evening.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

9:00AM Track Opens to complete Elimination Rounds for the Main Event.

12:00AM Lunch Break

1:00PM Elimination Rounds Resume

2:00PM Championship Round begins.

NOTE: The intention is to run all Elimination Races as two car heats. However, I reserve the right to adjust to three or four cars heats as the event progresses if necessary to accelerate completion of all the Elimination Rounds. Specialty classes such as Vans/Unlimited and Vintage Toppers will be run between Main Event Elimination rounds as time permits.


All Participants must register and turn their car over to event organizers.

Each car will have a sticker placed on them with their registration number and will stay in the custody of the event organizers.

There will be a total of 240 eligible racers (16 rounds X 15 racers = 240) Note: the 16th car in each Elimination Round will be a PSR.

Each Participant will be allowed to register ONE primary racer and up to 3 additional racers. However, depending of the total of Participants, some or all of the additional cars may not be allowed to race. For example, if 200 different people register, then only 40 of the additional entrants will be needed to complete the field. These 40 would come from the number two entry of the first 40 entrants. The intention is to allow as many different people to participate as possible. Accordingly, the max. number of participants will be limited to 240.

Those members who have children with a "Genuine" interest in participating are enthusiastically welcomed. However, I don't want to encourage people to register vehicles in different family members names just to have more cars registered in the event.

All registered racers must be Stock Johnny Lightning cars, Vans are excluded due to excessive weight advantage. No modifications allowed. No Graphite or Machine Oil's allowed. No kit cars allowed. No Non-Playing Mantis racers allowed.

Vans/Unlimited Class limited to Johnny Lightning Cars Only. Weight, Custom Body Modifications, and Kit Cars allowed.

Original Toppers class limited to unmodified original Toppers only.

No person will be allowed to register a car for another individual. All race positions will be awarded on a first come first serve basis so be sure to get there early!!!!

Email Questions to [email protected]

Playing Mantis Link GRAVITY RACE INFO

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LightningFest Vendor Table info.

Reservations are now being taken for the 2004 LightningFest Vendor/Dealer/Collector tables. Each vendor area is set up as 10ft X10ft grid cubes. Each cube has two tabes in it that forms an "L" shape. One table is 6ft X 2 1/2 ft and the other is 8ft by 2 1/2 ft. Tables need to be reserved in multiples of two this year. If you need four tables, that means your booth will form a large "U" shape. If you have any questions at all, or need further information please e-mail me.

There will be a charge if electricity is required. One electrical box can serve up to four vendors who also require the service so I'll try and pair all of those vendors together. Rental on electrical service is 25.00.

There is a reservation fee for the tables of 25.00 that will be refunded to you in cash when you arrive and set up for Fest. No-shows will not be refunded the reservation fee. Your table reservation does not become valid until your reservation fee and info is received by me. There is no limit to the amount of tables you may have but to bring in as many vendors as possible, please don't take more than you really need.

I will need from you:

Your official Vendor/dealer/collector name.
Number of tables required.
Type of product sold (die-cast, model kit, action figures, slot cars, comic books, NASCAR, 1:43rd scale etc).
25.00 reservation fee that holds your tables and will be refunded to you after set-up.
Specify if electricity is needed.
Contact info to include return address, e-mail and web site address if applicable.

Mark Hosaflook
14420 Windward Ct
Granger, IN

[email protected]


Mark :thumbsup:

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LightningFest Dinner car has been selected

This year's 2004 LightningFest Dinner car has been selected. It is the 1970 Cuda with the rare dual snorkel hood. Pantone Orange with a black vinyl top, vinyl B.F. Goodrich tires, Fest logo on the trunk and a special white chassis and interior. Only 175 will be made. This years casting will come in a special Dinner Car box as well. Mike G will attach a picture soon. It had to be Photo-shopped for now so the orange color is not perfect but it gives you a firm idea of the casting. Any other surprise will remain as such. You'll just have to be there to find out! :devil:



Here is a Photoshop rendering of the car. The color is slightly off, I'm sure, and the lettering on the tires is not Hoosier, but this gives you a pretty good idea.


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Updated Dinner roster

If your name isn't on here and you think you have paid, please e-mail me ASAP.



HobbyTalk Head Table
Tom Lowe c
Mac Ragan b
Art Anderson b
Tony Karamitsos b
Al Pletcher b
Cyndi Pletcher c
Tom Zahorsky c
Eric Lefeber B
Tim Warren B
Sal Barry B
Bobby Williams b
Debra Castle b
Jeremy Babbitt b
Silent Auction Winner c

Mini Motors Table 1
Gerald Endres b
Kenny Terry b
Kenny Terry c
Shane Hillman b
Jacob Hillman h
Steve Hillman b
Scott Glasgow b
Scott Glasgow b
Mark Boemer b
Ron Zawistowski b

Troncalli Table 2
Mark Hosaflook h
Kim Hosaflook c
Adam Hosaflook h
Kelly Hosaflook c
Mike Groothuis b
Rhonda Conover b
John Hooper b
Laura Hooper b
Stephanie Hooper b
Peter Modaffari c

Mac's Little Cars Table 3
Rob McIntosh b
Rob McIntosh b
Sherry McIntosh c
Amanda Mcintosh c
Larry Gevock b
Nathan Gevock h
Brian Hedrick b
Stacy Starner b
Shawn Viar b
Jennifer Dillon b

Lightning Lane Table 4
Tom Gorman b
Tom Gorman c
Dean Taylor b
Kim Taylor b
Bill Terek h
Pat Terek h
Amanda Terek h
Rob Johnson b
Gary Key C
Jolene Key B

Dave Machesney Slot Car Table 5
Dave Machesney b
Lisa Machesney c
Ron Wenger b
Laurie Wenger b
Ron Easton b
Carole Easton c
Kevin Rhodes c
Walter Michaels b
Lorraine Michaels b
J Michaels b

Voxxer Racing Table 6
Jon Soffa c
Jon Soffa c
Bob Bowman b
Glenda Bowman c
Phil Smeigh b
Bart Nash b
Alan Nash b
Preston Bost b
Paul Bender c
Ilaine Bender b

Playing Mantis Table 7
Gary Schmitz b
Nathan Schmitz b
Jordan Schmitz c
Kevin Slepecky b
Bill Dudar b
Scott Moen b
Scott Moen c
Dave Woppert b
James Moore c
Jeremiah Moore c

Johnny Lightning Table 8
Steve Graber c
Cindy Graber b
Roger Willis b
Dave Crosswhite c
Glen Williams b
Rose Williams b
Dawn Mullin b
Dan Mullin b
Cecil Douglass b
Bobbi Douglass b

Polar Lights Table 9
Bryan Murphy c
Michelle Murphy c
Al Miller b
Keith Miller b
Paul Forster b
Pat Dersey b
Bob Dersey b
Larry Smith c
Chuck Coakley c
Chis Dong b

Street Freaks Table 10
Ron Franks b
Anita Franks b
Will DeYoe c
Gwen DeYoe c
Michael Gallent ?
Mark Wade b
Michael Wade b
Burt Luitink b
Tammy Romanowski b
Kyle Krimin c

Carney Plastics Table11
James Sporich h
Wendy Sporich h
James Sporich Jr. h
Glenn Roth b
Franklin Gentry b
Bill Daughenbaugh b
Colleen Daughenbaugh c
Andrew Collins h
Sean Carney c
Damon Raub b

X-Traction Table 12
Jon Wilson b
Jon Wilson b
Jon Wilson b
Craig Fillmon b
Linda Fillmon b
Marc Polizzi b
David Berten b
Gabe Beauperthuy c
Trisha Beauperthuy b
Tyson Beauperthuy h

Fest Pace Car Table 13
Brad Hedrick b
Amy Hedrick b
Jim Holloway b
Wyatt Davis b
Ed Bram b
Sue Bram b
Mike Howard b
Sonia Ryan B
Tanya Ryan b
Clayton Ryan h

Fest Cuda Table 14
Lendell Peery b
Michael McCartney b
John White b
Joe Jablonski b
Marilyn Shetterly b
Jeff Fleetwood b
Karen Fleetwood b
Scott Reed b
Monica Reed b
Silent Auction Winner c
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