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WWE4LIFE said:
White Lightning Strike..

its my birthday..and i had to have such a killer wl.. :devil:

I LOVE all white tire wl's...


Man that 68 firebird is gonna look good with my 67 camaro wl.

Now i need a mopar or the chevelle.. :eek:

Thanks PM this is one KILLER Series.. I have found/bought 15 of the regular
Street Freaks Zingers.. :eek:
I think the way you both use your commas pretty much answers my above question!

FunnycarNut said:

this is what i won..

no return emails.. contacted ebay.. put trace on money order..

i would not buy from this lady... im guessing she is a scammer?
or dead? i have emailed her 10+ times.. j

4,370 Posts
It appears to me that you are Jason/Funnycarnut. What is the deal, why not just come clean that it is you? I thought you hated Johnny Lightning and sold out?
Originally Posted by WWE4LIFE
Just in...

Cat in the Hat VW BUS WL...

This one has white base and white wheels..

Van and card are mint..

also have the 40's ford delivery van.

momc white base and white wheels.

I only collect WL's from

Frightning Lightnings I

Ecto 1a Ghostbusters

the rest of fl1-

or hollywood on wheels ghostbusters wl

i have plenty of fl2's

dont collect anything else from

jl's.. not into muscle cars.. i know my want list is short and the ecto's are high on ebay.. willing to trade both or one and cash for ect'o's

so if your intrested email me at [email protected]

i also have a 460+ rating on ebay.. thanks jason

Here is a link to your original post/thread:

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