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I know eveyone knows the Challanger was announced. Wasn't there going to be another two(not annouced) OR am I just loony tunes? Ok, fire away, I can take it.

Are the other two I'm thinking about just the event car and slot car? Probably, I'm guessing.

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Challenger? I thought it was an orange Cuda with the snorkel hood. And then there's the '62 Chevy Bel Air, the Pink slip racer Camaro. That's all I know.

I vaguely remember Mark saying something about some surprise cars?...

Dinner Car - Orange Cuda
Fest Car 62 Chevy
PSR - 62 Chevy racing wheels
Surprise Dinner Car? - maybe yes, maybe no
Fest Slot Car - Green Yenko
Fest pace Car - 69 Camaro ragtop
Thank You car - 73 Trans Am

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