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midtown said:
Did Playing Mantis donate all those series cars?

all items thus far have been donated by Hobbytalk Members - 7 so far have donated everything and I have promises from others of items that they will bring with them to Fest for the auction.

Truly we have some really giving people on here!!!! Looking forward to what things Mark has for surprises!!!

Logan Center shoudl be truly blessed when all is said and done this year and I hope to make next years even bigger and better with more careful time management and planning. Maybe even just make it a live auction after the Dinner or something, we'll just have to see.

I do want to point out that 100% of the items up for auction are donations and 100% of the money raised is going directly to Logan Center. All work put forth to present the auction is volunteered also, there are no costs involved. Whatever the auction takes in goes directly to Logan Center.

Thanks to everybody


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wlpaul said:
Who do I get in touch with to donate some things for the auction?

If someone would PM me with an address, that would be helpful. Then, I could rummage and send some things on.

Fest 2004 Charity Auction
C/O Mac's Little Cars, Inc
1900 Mitchell Drive
Eureka, IL 61530-1629

OR if you are coming to Fest, just send a list and/or pics so i can plan and bring them with you



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70XR7 said:
Excuse the ignorance - is this going to be an on-line auction? Or how do we bid on stuff?



It will be a silent auction at the Lightning Fest in Indiana in September.

If people are interested, I guess I could post a list of the lots that will go up and they could email me with their bids and I could proxy bid for them as necessary at Fest. Kinda like Ebay..kinda. This would allow those unable to attend to take part.

Of course if they won, they would have to pay for the postage.


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hi guys -
i like that alot- folks could bid a bid up to or not to go over who are not there . lol you know someone there will have a laptop PC ,because you know the fest cars and other fest goodies will be on ebay before we leave on sunday afternoon.
oh was the a lightning fest camaro i saw on one of those photo's it looked like it was hiding - one last thing - you are doing a great job rob/sherry . gee you might need a tractor trailer for all of those items - :)

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We will have my laptop and Bobby ususally has his.

Yes, when i sort out the lots it will be more prominent, when I took the pictures I could see it fine, but it kinda blended in.

Thanks, we have a 12' cargo trailer and Sherry has this:

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