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LF 04 attendees question

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Is there anybody who is coming in town Thursday night? If so, I'll set up a hospitality room at the Marriott for that night as well. It would be the Indiana Room just off the elevator on the same hall that last year's show was on. There will be snacks and liquids on hand and a chance to visit before things get hairy on Friday.

Let me know if interested.

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Sherry and I will be there!!!!
We should be in early afternoon.... 3-4 o'clock
I don't get the room until after 5:30. After you guys get settled stop on down and we can figure out what to do next, eat, drink or be merry.
If the plane is not late I should be there Thursday afternoon to. :thumbsup:
What's all happening Friday that is so hairy? Setup I suppose. I planned on driving in from near Detroit Friday morning. Should be there just after lunchtime Friday. But if other things are happening I could come Thursday? LMK.
with the help of God and some understanding from a supervisor,,,,and my kids mom,,,,,i will be there thursday evening,,,,,i can work with God and the supervisor but the mom,,,,dunno!!:lol:
I'm flying in to South Bend at 9 AM Friday morning from Chicago from Wash.

...I guess I'm buying breakfast after I get out of the taxi, huh?
If they raised the speed limit on the major roads to about 120 mph, we'd probably make it. As it is, Friday midday looks like the soonest we'll arrive, after 1100 miles on the road.

Will there be leftovers in the fridge??
You know i'll be thier... I have to get off of tennins though
Markhos, Brian H. and I (stacy) will be there thursday with about 500 white lightnings.
I will arrive on Thursday at approximately 6:00pm and Larry(Dammitman) will get there late in the evening. I will have 200 Import Heats and 2 cases of Miller Lite!
tinywheels said:
What ya gonna do with all the heat?
Hoping to trade them for more BEER!
Just another Joke Gary, but I do seem to have alot of luck finding those WL Imports! I think I have like 4 or 5!!!!!!!!
I was thinking you might be having one big little demolition derby while getting buzzed. Sounds like a plan. I'll bring some Camaros.
yeah set that room up, I wont check in until Friday... :lol:
But I'll roll into town sometime thursday.. {good lord willing and the creek don't rise}
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