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Some of you will remember the Dremel Salutes we used to do here in the Clubhouse, as our way of welcoming newbies to the HobbyTalk Forums. We haven't had one in a long while (I blame Facebook and the proliferation on modeling-related sites on the Net). So we're already past due for a Salute. And since so many of us are stuck at home thanks to the corona virus, I think now would be a good time to have another Dremel Salute.

Of course, we have fewer than 10 people in the Clubhouse today, so everybody else will just have to gather 'round their monitors. Geez, now we're under 9 people...where'd Yamahog go? Thump! Thump! Grunt Oh, he's back under the couch - got down there pretty fast for an old guy. And now - oh, for Pete's sake, the rest just vamoosed out the door, and they're all dialing 911! What's with these people?

Forget 'em, let's just have some fun. I'll just haul the ol' Dremel Magnagouger 2019 off the wall here - hurff - man, titanium is heavy! The 2020 model's supposed to be lighter, but the NRC keeps dragging its feet over licensing the thing. Well, this one'll do just fine. Okay, let's see...dilithium crystals set, deutronium annihilation drive selected, pull the starter cord and - RRrrrrrrrsput! RRRrrrrrrrsput!! What th- ? Oops, forgot the primer squeech...squeech...squeech. That oughta do it. Now let's try - give the cord a pull and RRRROOOOWWWWWAAAAARRRRREEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee! There she goes! Good old Magnagouger!!

Now for the salute: take this, corona virus!!! Har-de-har-har...hah? What's with all the sirens? Lemme take a look out the window...fire trucks, EMTs? Looks like they're headed this way. Now why - CLANKCLANKCLANKCLANKCLANKCLANKCLANKCLANK AACK!! The 'Gouger's caught in the ceiling fan - gotta untangle 'em before it chews into the wiring - -

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