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Let's See Your Farout Single Favorite HWs Finds Of The Week For 26 June-03 July 2016

Hey, Man, I think that another Thursday has crashed in on us, Dude, so let's see your farout

Single Favorite Hot Wheels Find Of The Week

for the groovy time period of the 26 June through 03 July 2016! And get the reefer smoke out of your mind
and remember to obey the thread's Only Rule, Man- Post Only One Farout Hot Wheels As Your

Single Favorite Hot Wheels Find Of The Week

or me and my old lady, Morning Dripping Dew, will crash your pad for a couple of months of your hospitality, Dude!

My farout choice for this week is this

The '67 Pontiac GTO is one of my favorite releases by Hot Wheels since my first car was one that I laid out
$950 for in 1972 to drive to college, Man! Try doin' that today!

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