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Hey guys, I've been on a bit of an anime modelling streak recently, and after watching Lensman with my kids last weekend, I dragged my 3 Lensman Tomy kits out to build. I have a 1:24 Worsel figure, the Cycroader, and the Goblin fighter.

The Boskone Goblin fighter kit comes ready to light, which will add three spotlights to the underside of the hull. The instructions are included for wiring and the base is set to carry a couple of AA batteries (contacts and switch included) but bulbs and wiring were not in the kit box.

I was thinking that LEDs would work well for the kit. Does anyone know of an aftermarket lighting producer that makes pre-wired LEDs on pigtails that I could put to work in the kit? I'm a fairly dab hand at soldering, but I can't read circuit diagrams to save my life, so some sort of kit comprising a small board to hook the three LEDs into (and maybe a forth to put behind the pilot), the switch and whatever power supply might be required would be ideal. If it all fits under the kit base, it would be perfect!

Any suggestions and advice will be gratefully received. :thumbsup:
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